CCleaner Pro 5.52 Crack [Latest] Version 2019 Free Download

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CCleaner Pro 5.52 Crack [Latest] Version 2019 Free Download


CCleaner Pro 5.52 Crack [Latest] Version 2019 Free Download


CCleaner Pro 5.52 Crack is an exceptional device for cleaning software. You can keep your computer both fast and secure. It includes a very simple and easy-to-use user interface. With one, you can start any process. You can optimize, clean or update your device with one click. This erasure not only increases the speed of treatment but also increases your privacy. In addition, many functions and methods are provided by this program. The user interface includes four different icon lists. You can select a cleaner, tools, settings, or a registry from this list. You can also select the Windows component of the application that you need to clean. As well as you can clean the registry for different software

In addition, with this software, you can clean the disk, which frees up memory. You can also delete unused files. Plus, with additional memory space, your system works more efficiently. CCleaner Pro  5.52 Crack also improves your privacy by removing any registration of your online activities. It erases the cache, call history and cookies of all browsers. Another feature of repairing registry files. In particular, which is essential for the system. All broken or damaged registry files create problems for your system.

You can erase all systems from the recycle bin, temporary file or broken registry files with one click. All of these cleaning features increase the speed and security of your system. the program CCleaner Pro 5.52 Keygen offers many operations. Which are classified into four main groups in the interface layout? These are cleaner, settings, registry and tools. You can select any of them based on your favorite operations. In addition, it allows users to select window components to clean.

CCleaner Professional Plus key cleaning uses

  • Internet Explorer or Firefox or Google Chrome You can automatically complete different forms from your browser history. As well as you can delete temporary files, search history and super cookies. With this you can complete files such as Index.dat.
  •  Opera and Apple Safari: In addition, you can clean the browser by deleting temporary files, super cookies, download history and browser history.
  •  Other browsers: You can also clean Flock, Chrome Plus, Chrome, Chrome Canary, Rockmelt Maxthon and SRWare Iron. In addition, different browsers such as pale Navigator, Moon, Netscape SeaMonkey and before are also compatible.
  •  Windows cleanup: with this you can make your windows faster and more secure. It cleans log files, recycles bins, recent documents, and the clipboard. In addition, you can clean the DNS cache, memory dumps, and error reports.
  •  Registry Cleaner: You can delete old unused entries with advanced features. All file extensions, ActiveX classID controls, ProgIDs, and shared DLLs. You can also delete temporary paths or application files, shortcuts or invalid icons, help files, and so on.

Other Apps: In addition, you can delete temporary files and the history list of many programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Google Toolbar, and Windows Media Player. In addition, these applications such as burning Nero ROM, Corel Draw, WinRar, WinZip and many others are also supported.

Characteristics And Features

  •  Browser cleanup: User preferences are now taken into account. In a session, cleaning tabs are not removed, local storage cleaning is also available. To manage cookies, a manager is present.
  •  Windows: Laptop CCleaner does not delete any of the files waiting to be renamed.
  •  Installer: many errors or bugs are also fixed in older versions.
  •  General: In addition, this latest version avoids many errors that prevent the opening of files. Like many update messages, errors are also disabled.
  •  You can clean and scan your PC completely.
  • It provides a fairly simple and user-friendly interface,
  • It can save cookies that you do not want to delete.
  • In addition, it helps to completely protect your Windows firewall.
  • Almost, it supports all versions of Microsoft Windows.
  • In addition, it can work perfectly in three different modes.
  • Creates a backup file when deleting the unwanted Windows registry file.
  • There is additional context in your trash.
  • You can quickly increase the speed and performance of your system.
  • With this you can also delete temporary files, caches, cookies and the history of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome Explorer.
  • you can automatically complete different forms for many browsers, including Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • You can also clean the history and cookies of device-based browsers such as Opera and Apple Safari.
  • it offers compensation functions for many other explorers such as Chrome Plus, SRWare, Rockmelt, Netscape, Seamonkey, Moon, Tor, Avant, Pale Browser and many others. It is compatible with almost all browsers available on the market.
  • This program can also clean all your window components and make your operating system look new.
  • Over time, many clutter data is accumulated in Windows and other operating systems. What causes the system hangs up and slows down.
  • This application removes all this data and makes your operating system much more secure and fast.

What’s a New ?

  • It now allows the user to customize the browser cleaning. The user can specify what he wants to delete and what to keep. As in any session, no tab is deleted.
  • It offers an advanced cookie manager for maintenance and control of cookies.
  • In addition, it offers local storage cleaning features.
  • It also limits the deletion of any file used or waiting to be renamed.
  • In addition, all errors in the previous installer are corrected.
  • Bugs or errors related to updating notifications are also resolved.
  • NEW! Cleaning results are now considered a cleaning summation (Free and Professional types only).
  • Add! Product tips to help users discover less obvious features.
  • NEW! Fresh, clean Update the design of the page.

Other benefits of CCleaner Pro:

  1. Mechanisms ensuring the integrity of the computer.
  2. Excellent cleaning performance for laptop or computer.
  3. Excellent selection of tools offered.
  4. Simple functionality.

How Does Install ?

  1. Download and install the CCleaner Pro Crack files.
  2. Start the key generator.
  3. Generate keys for registration or activation.
  4. Activate with the generated key.
  5. Enjoy the full version.

CCleaner Pro 5.52 Crack [Latest] Version 2019 Free Download